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matter of trust hair mat machine

Matter of Trust Derbyshire Welcomes You 
Harnessing the Potential of Hair

Matter of Trust Derbyshire (est. 2023) creates hair mats entirely out of recycled waste fibres which are manufactured with a needle-felting process. Conventional oil spill sorbents are made out of polypropylene, which creates a cycle of drilling oil to clean up oil. Hair mat products are an equally effective eco-friendly, and sustainable alternative - proven by extensive research.

Matter of Trust offers a cost-effective, non-toxic, durable solution to both small- and large-scale oil spill clean up.

In addition, Matter of Trust Derbyshire creates hair mats for the agricultural sector, which reduces the need for irrigation water, provides nitrogen to the soil and reduces plant care.

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Matter of trust Derbyshire is committed to creating an uplifting community-focused network of education and environmentally conscious action amongst hair salons, pet groomers and farmers. Hair, fur or fleece is sourced, processed and used locally to maintain a low carbon footprint. If you are in the UK, particularly if you are located in the midlands or north of England, and wish to donate hair, fur or fleece, we would love to hear from you!

Matter of Trust Derbyshire thanks you for your kindness.
If you wish to place an order, we look forward to hearing from you and discussing how we can meet your needs.  

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